These Are the Benefits of Playing Football for Children There are various benefits of playing football for children that parents need to know. Starting from improving fitness, supporting muscle and bone strength, and nourishing the heart.

You might be annoyed if your child comes home with dirty clothes and shoes after playing football? It feels like scolding and forbidding them right away. Even though your child looks dirty and smells bad because of the sun, playing football can give him many benefits.

5 Benefits of Playing Football for Kids

Football is a sport that involves teams, uses a soccer ball, and is usually played outdoors in an open field. It’s generally favored by boys, but some girls love it too.

Similar to other sports, football has a myriad of health benefits for kids, including:

1. Improves fitness

Playing football requires children to run here and there to chase the ball on the field. This activity can certainly burn calories and cause them to sweat.

This is very good for his health, as it can make his body fitter. By exercising regularly, your child’s immune system will also increase. So, he can avoid various types of diseases, such as flu.

2. Supports heart health

While playing football, your child’s body will keep moving. This physical activity causes the heart to beat faster and makes children breathe more frequently. This type of exercise can increase the body’s ability to deliver oxygen to all body cells, so it is very good for supporting heart health and reducing the risk of heart problems in children.

3. Controlling weight gain

Uncontrolled weight gain can lead to obesity in children. This condition is not good for his health, as it can increase his risk of developing dangerous diseases, including high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, and the onset of breathing disorders, such as asthma. Well, sports such as playing football are believed to help control children’s weight gain.

4. Supports muscle and bone strength

Because it keeps children moving, running, and kicking, football can support children’s muscle and bone strength. In addition, this sport is usually done in an open field and exposes children to sunlight.

Sunlight is very good at increasing vitamin D intake in the body. The presence of this vitamin is needed to absorb calcium, so that children’s bones are healthy and strong. By having healthy muscles and bones, children are protected from bone disorders, such as osteoporosis in the future, and can be free to do activities every day.

5. Developing children’s personality

By playing football, children not only run around, but they also learn how to communicate and cooperate well between team members. In this moment, they also learn about how to make friends, either with fellow members or the opposing team.

This is great for developing his social skills and personality. In addition, through this sport, children can also learn about leadership and empathy. Based on the information above, there are many benefits of playing football for children. So, from now on, you don’t need to forbid or scold your children when they want to play football.

However, considering that football usually involves a lot of people, it is better for children to do this sport only with Mom, Dad, other family members, or caregivers, so that their health is guaranteed.

In addition, if your child wants to play football on an open field or in the yard near the house, it is better if you put sunscreen on your child’s skin before he/she exercises. Because too much sun exposure can actually cause skin damage.

Apart from football, there are many other sports that children can do.





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